A super hero is a character possessing extraordinary or superhuman powers and dedicated to protecting the public. Do you need someone extraordinary to help save the day?


We saw your signal in the sky!

The ULTIMATE Superhero Experience 

1 hour package 


Meet your FAVORITE Superhero! He needs your help! Are you ready?


The birthday boy gets to train like a REAL superhero with an obstacle course that challenges everyone at the party!

Your hero will lend you a cape from his closet, once you put it on, you are a step closer to saving the day!

Skill testing activities will help your child and their friends be prepared for ANYTHING!

Each child at the party is able to get their face painted just like him! A mask of your choice!


Create your own fun pose or one you learned from your hero and use it to pose in a picture with your hero!


Now that your son is a REAL superhero, its time to swear in and vow to protect your family every single day!


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Loot bags are ONLY $2 and include 5 items like:

bubbles, stickers, trinkets and toys!


Our 60 minute parties are designed for up to 10 children BUT we can perform for up to 20!


Parties entertaining more than 20 children are recommended to hire a second performer.


*Face painting takes approximately 3-4 minutes per child.


Pirates! Arrrrrr Matey!

1 hour package 


Arrrr Who has me GOLD!

Your pirate will made a grand entrance looking for the birthday boy. He needs help to go hunting for treasure!


The pirate will give all of the children at the party pirate names as they go around the group. He will help them my handing out ideas to each child. They will also get to create maps to find theeir hidden treasure!


Once every child has their pirate name, your pirate will teach all of the children how to search for gold and not get caught!


After all of the children have learned his searching skills he will test their knowledge with an obstacle course! They will climb, crawl, jump and find their gold!


Every child will have their face painted just like a pirate with a patch rag and more! Children can colour as they wait their turn


Make your favourite Arrrr pose it is time for pictures!


Your pirate explains to the birthday boy that it is his duty to hunt for treasure alone and he wouldn’t want anyone to risk the danger that he faces every day. He will ask every child to wish him luck and to take care of their families and keep them safe!



Prince Charming

1 hour package 


Are you looking for the perfect host for your dinner party, event of birthday?!


Our stunning prince charming can come alone or with his princess! 

Charming will greet each guest with poise and grace and ask them about their sword skills!

He has trained with the very best and knows how to slay any dragon!


Your prince will take you on a obstacle course that challenges everyone at the party!


He will lend you a sword from his castle and teach you everything at the party what he knows!


Each child at the party is able to get their face painted! Masks, pirates or anything you want!


Create your own fun pose or one you learned from your prince and use it to pose in a picture with your prince!


Charming has to return to his castle, but now that you have become a vaillant knight he will knight you as one with his sword and ask you to keep his family safe!